Our Staff

Mrs. Alison Duvall

Adult Ballet and Parent/Child Classes

Offered periodically in 6-week sessions.  Contact the studio for more information via email or phone.


For ages 5 and up; classes are a hybrid of contemporary, jazz, and classical ballet technique, using contemporary music. Jazz is taught by Mrs. Erin Augenstein.   

Mrs. Erin Augenstein



Pointe classes are by recommendation only, and generally begin after age 11 and with at least 2 full years of study; pointe students must take a ballet technique class weekly in addition to pointe class.                      


For ages 6 and up; Clogging is a traditional type of percusssive folk dance and is a fun,
energetic class that incorporates both traditional and contemporary styles of clogging. Clogging uses a double action tap which makes a distinct sound. This class focuses on fast footwork, knowledge of terminology and enhances confidence, concentration, and showmanship. Shoes: White Clogging Shoes.                       

Mrs. Velma Schrader

Mrs. Melinda Roush

Ms. Cara Smith


For ages 8 and up; classes emphasize the development of classical ballet technique with a focus on proper placement and alignment. Students will learn ballet vocabulary through barre and centre work while building strength and flexibility.  Mrs. Schrader teaches ballet for students 8 and up.  Mrs. Augenstein teaches pre-ballet for ages 6-7.   Dress Code:  Girls – Black leotard with pink tights, pink ballet shoes; hair in a bun.  Skirts are optional. Boys – T-shirt, dark sweat pants, black ballet shoes.                     

Creative Movement

For ages 3 to 5; class with emphasis on basic elements of dance. Dancers will learn dance vocabulary, counting to music, right/left and concepts that will prepare them for future participation in any type of structured dance class.  Creative Movement I is for 3 year olds and beginning 4 year olds.  Creative Movement II is for 4 year olds who have taken a previous class, and 5 year olds.  Creative Movement classes are taught by Mrs. Augenstein.